1 Day = 1 Year In Prophecy Study

Unlocking the timelines of Daniel and Revelation

As a student and teacher of prophecy for over 30 years, I never bought the sales pitch of the futurist view of prophecy. I found too many holes in it and not enough answers to my questions, but as a young Christian, I found more answers in the Historicist view of prophecy. However, I could never quite put it all together, until I ran into the book, Revelation Timeline Decoded. That book did it for me. It brought everything together, gave real answers and historically documented it with no lack of thorough explanation through some of the more difficult metaphor used in prophecy.

This study is for those who are bold enough to break off from the echo chamber that has the popular churches and ministries of Futurism just parroting each other.

The word day, time and year used in the Bible comes from the same word. It’s Strong’s Exhaustive Hebrew word #3116, the word “Yom”. Depending on the surrounding context, translators would translate the word either day, time or year or other words that would give the greatest accuracy, however, because the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation are highly metaphorical and had yet to unfold, the translators could not give an accurate translation to the metaphor surrounding the word Yom being used. They just went with what was the most common usage. This made the timelines of Daniel and Revelation encoded and it would require a deeper research to unlock those timelines.

Here are a few scriptures showing a day equals a year.

After the number of days which you searched the land, even 40 days, each day for a year, shall ye bare your iniquities even 40 years and you shall know my breach of promise. Num 14:34

And when you have accomplished them, lay again on your right side, and you shall bare the iniquity of the house of Judah 40 days. I have appointed a day for each year.

Ezek 4:6

Here we find obvious day for year scripture to back this study, but what is not so obvious is how Daniel 9:24-27 does the same thing. This is the famed 70 weeks prophecy that foretold the exact year Jesus would show up as Messiah, explained in our meme here

The word used in Daniel 9:24-27, translated as week or weeks, is Strong’s Exhaustive word #7620, shaw-boo’-ah, which means seven or sevens, a period of 7 days or a week.

If in Daniel 9: 25, we translate week to seven or sevens, we get a more true timeline of events.

...from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem unto Messiah the Price, shall be 7 sevens (weeks) and 62 sevens (weeks).

Here we see the 483 years in our meme chart above to Christ’s baptism. With slightly alternative views to this prophecy, almost every student and teacher of Bible prophecy agrees with this usage of time, that throughout Daniel 9:24-27 a day equals a year (a week=7 days= 7 years.

Therefore, there should be no problem with using this for the 5 timelines given in Revelation, right?

Well, that will get an argument from the futurists, even though they contradict their own view, that Dan 9 is days equaling years, so they defend an ignorance in prophecy and contradict their own words, when the events of history to the contrary, have so wonderfully been fulfilled if we accept the day for year principle in the 5 timelines of Revelation.

Here now, I’m going to bring up a devastating point that proves that all through Revelation, a day in prophecy equals a year. The first of the 5 timelines in the meme above is from Revelation 2:10

Fear none of those things which you will suffer. Behold, the devil shall cast some of you in prison, that you may be tried. You will have tribulation 10 DAYS. Be faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life. Rev 2:10

Logically, if this was just a literal 10 days, why would Christ take up space to even mention a mere 10 day long time in jail? It’s actually quite silly to think this is such a short 10 day time. That’s nothing. Brethren throughout the ages have been imprisoned for the gospel much much longer.

We historicists see this as the well known Diocletian persecution of 10 years, not a mere 10 days. The emperor Diocletian was hunting Christians down and just killing them in cold blood. This was known as the most severe time of persecutions for Christians in the early church. Of course this is 10 years and not a mere 10 days. This sets a precedent that if this is 10 years, then the rest of Revelation timelines given must also be a day for year principle applied and it must be consistently applied, so there is no confusion and double standards. And this is what the 5 Timelines meme above shows. Rev 2:10 proves our point, that the 1260 days is really 1260 years. This throws a monkey wrench in the entire Futurist end time scenario and conjured prophecy outlook. And they are not going to concede because they are all about defending their reputations, not about arriving at truth. This is why you must be bold enough to break off from the echo chamber of big Christian media false prophecy. They are not allowing this view of prophecy to be heard.

I hope this has helped you in your search for prophecy truth of God’s holy word. While I’m not SDA or adhere to some of their conclusions in prophecy, they do have some deeper research online you can tap into about this day equals a year in prophecy study just by googling day for year in prophecy.

The question we have to ask is, why would God say nothing about his persecuted church, skip over 1900+ years of prophecy, only to foretell events to only happen in the last 7 or 3.5 years of time, when the church is supposedly raptured out of here anyway. That would be a terrible witness to the book of Revelation and make it utterly useless for 1900+ years from when it was given. This is what both the Futurists and Preterists have done, one claiming it was all fulfilled in 70AD and the other claiming none of it is fulfilled till the last 7 years.

When we agree, to the obvious, especially in Rev 2:10, the 10 day/years, we see the true measure of time for Daniel and Revelation, unlocking major events of history foretold and giving God great glory with many foretold events fulfilled.